Abbey Leigh AyD's Journey

In Abbey Leigh’s early 20’s she was living in New York City. She was happy, had a successful career, and was delving deeper into yoga. As time went on, into her late 20’s she started getting random illnesses like pancreatitis, sore joints, and a weakened immune system. Abbey Leigh couldn’t figure out what was happening, nor could the Western doctors. So, she thought it was a sign to leave the big city she had fallen in love with and pursue the answers elsewhere. At age 29 she quit her career, packed her bags and moved to central Mexico. On her 3rd day there she found her Polarity Therapy teacher who became her mentor. Abbey Leigh studied with him and his wife to learn the craft as well as try to help find the answers to heal herself. Two years later, Abbey Leigh decided to go to upstate New York for a visit. Here she was working in a buddhist retreat and was bitten by a tick. Within a few days, Abbey Leigh was in the hospital with meningitis and Chronic Lyme Disease. She spent 2 weeks in the hospital trying to recover her faculties to walk, to sit up, to talk. Yet, deep chronic fatigue and leaky gut syndrome left her feeling depleted. During this time, the doctors also diagnosed her with MS and Lupus, which down the road were ruled out causing more confusion. She stayed in New York City for another month as family and friends did their best to take care of her. She was then flown to Minnesota where she rested for another 9 months. Within these 9months Abbey Leigh tried every Western, Eastern, natural, and energetic medicines available. This is where Ayurveda found her. Ayurveda gave her a clear and direct path to healing. She learned about Ojas, our wellspring of vitality, and how to build and preserve it. She learned about agni, our digest fire, and how to rekindle and heal the gut. Slowly and steadily she improved with this ancient and profound medical system. It took another 3 years of resting and healing for a full recovery. In this time, she again deepened her studies and her heart into yoga. But now into the subtle and energetic side of yoga. When Abbey Leigh felt well enough, she enrolled in Ayurvedic College and began a 500hr Sri Vidya Tantra Yoga training. She knew this was her new path. Abbey Leigh believes this was a karmic illness. An illness she had to travel through in order to really step into her dharma, life purpose to teach and heal others. She feels blessed everyday for the experience. She is now completely symptom free and living life in rhythm with the Universe~  Abbey Leigh is now an Ayurvedic Doctor, employee of the California College of Ayurveda, and runs Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world. In Dr. Leigh’s spare time she likes to dance, admire the plant kingdom, and hike the desert mountains.


Abbey Leigh, Doctor of Ayurveda/PKS/E-RYT is a graduate of the California College of Ayurveda  where she is currently a Master Teacher and an AHCi and CASi Intern Supervisor.


Doctor of Ayurveda, Pancha Karma Specialist, Marma  Therapist, Polarity Therapist, CCA Herbal Apprenticeship Graduate (Certified  Ayurvedic Herbalist), Registered YACEP yoga instructor with Yoga Alliance.

Sustainable change, Sustainable radiance.
My life long practice is about living in authenticity…
To be all facets of love.